Mr. Methane Lets Rip - The Fart Video - Now on DVD.

Fart Video

Mr. Methane Lets Rip!

The King of Farts' Rip Roaringly Funny DVD Fart Video!

"Unbelievably, pant wettingly funny! I laughed so hard my house fell down."

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Approx running time 50 minutes. Available on DVD Video - NTSC Region Free.

THRILL at his amazing renditions of classic songs!

HOWL WITH LAUGHTER at his candid camera fart attacks on the unsuspecting public!

BE STUNNED by his unbelievable and utterly hilarious stage act!

LAUGH OUT LOUD at his great sporting moments!

AND DANCE LIKE AN IDIOT to his own fantastic video single!

At last human kind can witness the amazing farting superhero Mr. Methane and his bottom barking bum!

He can fart in tune, long and loud, and on demand!

Banned in California and Switzerland!

See Below for stills from the DVD Fart Video.

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You found it at last! That's right you have found the home of Mr Methane's Fart Video.

If you are looking for the best laugh you have had for years, you need to buy this fart video now!! This farting video contains scenes of blatant bottom barking,farts, farting and fart related comedy.

Maybe you have found this page by accident and don't know who Mr Methane is ?

Well, Mr Methane is the worlds only performing flatulist, performing renditions of classic tunes in his own windy style!